Kristen Crouch: landscape and memory

Opening Reception + Memory Tasting: Saturday, June 2, 2018, 5-8 pm
Artist’s Talk: Sunday, June 3, 4:00 pm
Wabi Sabi Warehouse: 19 North 9th St, Wilmington, NC 28401

Exhibition: June 2 - June 16 | visit website for hours or by appointment
Online Exhibition + Sale: June 24 - July 8

Contact: Beth Handler Riebe,, 917-374-7516


Kristen Crouch is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring memory and nostalgia. For this project, Crouch creates an immersive installation investigating the ways in which memories are made. An interactive memory tasting at the opening, the inclusion of scent in the gallery, curated sounds, and the physical interaction of visitors with the artworks acknowledge how the five physical senses contribute to memory making.

Crouch’s work starts with the moment-catching impulse of her own snapshots, manipulated with computer programs, algorithms, and methods drawn from science and math. The artist translates the resulting digital files into multiple forms. Some are printed on sheets of aluminum creating what Crouch calls “memory-scapes.” Crouch projects others onto hanging materials open to viewer interaction. Other files take shape as printed elements within sculptures made with homemade blue crystals and found objects. 

Influences include the biblical story of Lot’s wife. Transformed into a pillar of salt for looking back at her condemned hometown, the story acts as a metaphor for nostalgia and its effects, and resonates with the artist’s crystals. And Crouch draws the title of the installation from Simon Schama’s book Landscape and Memory (1995), in which Schama sees landscapes as “constructs of the imagination” and “carrier(s) of memory” that embody shared cultural experiences and values. In her articulation of the book’s concepts, Crouch explores the ways in which our memories shape and respond to world around us.

KRISTEN CROUCH (b. 1991) received a BFA in photography and a minor in sculpture from SCAD (2014). She has had solo exhibitions in Savannah and Wilmington, where she grew up and resides. She also organized exhibitions in Wilmington, including Full Frontal (2017). Omni (2016), and Thirty Under 30: An International Young Artist Group Exhibition (2015). Crouch participated in group shows in North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Kentucky, and collaborated on performances in London. She is currently showing in a group show at the NC School of Science and Math (Durham).